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I found this source threw the University of Phoenix Library, the university library is the most reliable safe source we can get. The university makes sure that all the sources are reliable which is great because they list all sources available from that source so you know that the source is reliable.

The university library gives you detailed descriptions on every source. Yes the information is relevant to the topic because the topic is about training shelter dogs to become service dogs. In the abstract it states that service dogs are an essential aid to persons with disabilities, providing independence, mobility, and improved self-esteem. The test items were administered to 75 dogs from the Kansas Humane So-ciety.

Once tested, the dogs received obedience and retrieval training. The experiment assessed each dog on behavior over 5 weeks of training versus performance on each selection test Having grown up with many dogs and currently owning one now, I understand what it is to come home to a partner that truly loves you unconditionally.

However, could you imagine that same partner caring for your safety every day? Simple acts such as the door bell ringing, the phone or a fire alarm allow individuals that cannot hear the sense of freedom and self-confidence. These dogs are allowed to travel anywhere with their owner after going through sometimes difficult training to ensure they are legally qualified to assist the deaf. The main Kitty Cafe became a big phenomena in Japan and Korea. The service offered gourmet coffee along with the entertainment and comfort from playful rescue cats and kittens.

Mom to the best mutt in the world, well according to mePancho. Service dogs for people with mobility issues can turn on lights, push buttons on an elevator, pull their partner in a manual wheelchair, open doors, and even retrieve a wallet and offer it to the cashier.

Hearing service dogs know the difference between a doorbell, alarm clock, smoke alarm, and even someone calling their person's name--and can communicate that effectively. Hospital wards frequently utilize therapy dogs who offer comfort and companionship to distressed patients, reducing anxiety and blood pressure. Seizure assistant dogs are trained to smell changes in their partner's blood, identifying warning signs of an impending seizure and notifying them with enough time to take precautions.

Specialized tasks are taught to service dogs through highly specific training that can last months or years, and can begin in even weeks-old puppies. Any breed of dog can be trained for service work. Research suggests using therapy dogs in response to traumatic events can help reduce symptoms of depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

The human-animal bond can impact people and animals in positive ways. Research shows therapy dogs can reduce stress physiologically cortisol levels and increase best research paper services responses that trigger oxytocin - a hormone that increases trust in humans. Dogs also react positively to animal-assisted activities. In response to the human-animal bond, dogs produce oxytocin and decrease their cortisol levels when connecting with their owner.

Often dogs feel the same when engaging in animal assisted activities as if they were at home, depending on the environmental context.

Professionals can process that information and use it to help clients see how their behaviour affects others. More recently, therapy dogs are being used as a form of engagement with students at school and university. An college research paper service in dog rabies vaccination rates decreases dog rabies cases, human If organizations could better predict which dogs The study found that fMRI boosted the This study used a physiological marker to define the biobehavioral effects of service dogs on veterans Their study shows that dog The tiny, less than celled parasite demonstrates that evolution can go in strange directions, the Just know that you are not staying one-on-one with your writing challenges.

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