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Sri Aurobindo has raised action completely out of the mental and moral plane and has given it an absolute spiritual life.

Action has been spiritualised by being carried back to its very source and origin, for it is the expression in life of God's own Consciousness-Energy Chit-Shakti.

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The Supreme Spirit, Purushottama, who holds in himself the dual reality of Brahman and the world, is the master of action who acts but in actionlessness, the Lord in whom and through whom the universes and their creatures live and move and have their being. Karmayoga is union in mind and soul and body with the Lord of action in the execution of his cosmic purpose. And this union is effected through a transformation of the human nature, through the revelation of the Divine Prakriti and its descent upon and possession of the inferior human vehicle.

Arrived aurobindo gita essays far, we now find, if we look back, a change in the whole perspective. Karma and even Karmayoga, which hitherto seemed to be the pivot of the Gita's teaching, retire somewhat into the background and present a diminished stature and value.

The centre of gravitv has shifted to the conception of the Divine Nature, to the Lord's own status, to the consciousness above the three Gunas, to absolute consecration of each limb of man's humanity to the Supreme Purusha for his descent and incarnation and play in and upon this human world. Each of his well chosen selections and lucid comments constitutes a luminous doorway into the heart of the Gita and the consciousness of Krishna, as well as into the mind of Yogi Aurobindo.

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To me such a reading seems the result of a defect in their mental attitude. They have not got the intellectual rectitude which can wait and calmly grasp the truth. Alluding to those like Doniger who have concluded that the Gita advocated war, Sri Aurobindo expatiated that the Gita does not justify performance of duty irrespective of consequences - good or evil i.

Rather, the Gita accepts that war alice paul essay be necessary if the human race is not prepared for a peaceful resolution. Furthermore, as Krishna points out to Arjuna, he himself as an Avatar has undertaken the path of action by participating in the battle, even though he is above the necessity of works.

In another recorded conversation, Sri Aurobindo rebutted the ethical perspective on the Gita offered by Sisir Kumar Maitra :. Sri Aurobindo : Yes. He seems to be confused : he has over-stressed the ethical and tried to explain the spiritual idea from the ethical stand-point. Take the case of doing work without desire for the fruit. Now, if there is a separative Self then, from the rational point of view, why should not one expect the fruit of his action?

Disciple : Perhaps, it is due to the influence of Christianity ocdsb homework help which the idea of serving the poor finds a place. When reason got the upper hand over religion it began to question the foundation of religion and then the rationalists advocated the doing of duty for the sake of society, as a social demand.

The rationalists have fragmentary ideas about these things. It has become difficult now to study philosophy - there are so many new ones, like the poets! The Gita is addressed to the warrior Arjuna whose conscience has been awakened, who recoils at the prospect of the senseless punks rebellion lyrics essays that is required to win the riches of a kingdom.

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Arjuna is faced with a quandary as to wherein lies his true duty. Should he slaughter his own brethren in order to secure a prosperous kingdom? Would it not better to just renounce this vainglorious pursuit and retire to a forest? We must remember that duty is an idea which in practice rests upon social conceptions.

But this is obviously to play with words. Duty is a relative term and depends upon our relation to others. And so long as these positions are accepted, the duty remains clear, a practical matter of course even when it is not a point of honour or affection, and overrides the absolute religious or moral law. But what if the inner view is changed, if the lawyer is awakened to the absolute sinfulness of falsehood, the judge becomes convinced that capital punishment is a crime against humanity, the man called upon to the battlefield feels, like the conscientious objector of today or as a Tolstoy would feel, that in no circumstances is it permissible to take human life any more than to eat human flesh?

It is obvious that here the moral law which is above all relative duties must prevail; and that law depends on no social grabber essay or conception of duty but on the awakened inner perception of man, the moral being. There are in the world, in fact, two different laws of essay grabber each valid on its own plane, the rule principally dependent on external status and the rule independent of status and entirely dependent essay assignment help the thought and conscience.

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The Gita does not teach us to subordinate the higher plane to the lower, it does not ask the awakened moral consciousness to slay itself on the altar of duty as a sacrifice and victim to the law of the social status. It calls us higher and not lower; from the conflict of the two planes it bids us ascend to a supreme poise above the mainly practical, above the purely ethical, to the Brahmic consciousness.

It replaces the conception of social duty by a divine obligation. But this ideal of serving the Divine can be easily falsified in life. In the absence of any objective test, how does one differentiate between the rabid ideologue and the serene sage, both of whom may claim to be doing their duty towards the Divine? How does one go about becoming an Instrument of the Spirit?

Sri Aurobindo explains that according to the Gita, this spiritual change cannot occur instantly but is actually an evolving process. If we trace the argument over eighteen chapters, we shall grasp that there are three stages in which one becomes an instrument of the Divine:. The argument marzano homework effect size the Gita resolves kitty genovese essay into three great steps by which action rises out of the human into the divine plane leaving the bondage of the lower for the liberty of a higher law.

First, by the renunciation of desire and a perfect equality works have to be done as a sacrifice by man as the doer, a sacrifice to a deity who is the supreme and only Self though by him not yet realised in his own being. This is the initial step. Secondly, not only the desire of the fruit, but the claim to be the doer of emotions feelings essay has to be renounced in the realisation of the Self as the equal, the inactive, the immutable principle and of all works as simply the operation of universal Force, of the Nature-Soul, Prakriti, the unequal, active, mutable power.

Lastly, the supreme Self has to be seen as the supreme Purusha governing this Prakriti, of whom the soul in Nature is a partial manifestation, by whom all works are directed, in a perfect transcendence, through Nature. To him love and adoration and the sacrifice of works have to be offered; the whole being has to be surrendered to Him and the whole consciousness raised up to dwell in this divine consciousness so that the human soul may share in His divine transcendence of Nature and of His works and act in a perfect spiritual liberty.

The second is Jnanayoga, essay englishness self-realisation and knowledge of the true nature of the self and the world; and here the insistence is on knowledge; but the sacrifice of works continues and the path of Works becomes one with but does not disappear into the path of Knowledge. The last step is Bhaktiyoga, adoration and seeking of the supreme Self as the Divine Being, punks rebellion lyrics essays here the insistence is on devotion; but the knowledge is not subordinated, only raised, vitalised and fulfilled, and still the sacrifice of works continues; the double path becomes the triune way of knowledge, works and devotion.

And the fruit of the sacrifice, the one fruit still placed before the seeker, is attained, union with the divine Being and oneness with the supreme divine nature [9]. Critics might suggest that Sri Aurobindo is also misinterpreting the Gita in terms of his personality. In any case, it is best to take my quick summary purely as a starting point and read his commentary Essays on the Gita to draw your own conclusions. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. I guess I will leave it as it is for now.

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Essays on the Gita

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