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Yes: this is a valid acceleration clause attached to a definite date. One practical difference between a demand instrument and a time instrument is the date on which the statute of limitations begins to run. A statute of limitations is a limit on the time a creditor has to file a lawsuit to collect the debt. An instrument payable to order is one that will be paid to a particular person or organization identifiable in advance. An instrument may be payable to the order of the maker, drawer, drawee, or someone else.

It also may be payable to the order of two or more payees together or in the alternativeto an estate, a trust, or a fund in which case it is payable to the representative, to an office or officer, or to a partnership or unincorporated association.

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Suppose a printed form says that the instrument is payable both to order and to bearer. In that event, the instrument is payable only to order. A negotiable instrument not payable to a particular person must be payable to bearer, meaning to any person who presents it.

Also affecting this policy is the fact that almost all checks are now read by machines, not human beings. There is no one to see that the printed form does not contain the special words, and the significance of the words is recognized by very few people. The rules just stated make up the conditions for negotiability. Dealing with two additional details-missing terms or ambiguous terms-completes the picture. Notwithstanding the presence of readily available form instruments, sometimes people leave words out or draw up confusing documents.

An incomplete instrument-one that is missing an essential element, like the due date or amount-can be signed before being completed if the contents at the time of signing show that the maker or drawer intends it to become a negotiable instrument.

It is the characteristic feature of a draft definition of homework it is not limited to the three-cornered relationship among drawer, drawee, and the named or unnamed creditor.

Rather, the creditor may transfer it for purposes of payment or borrowing to a fourth party, and the latter may transfer it to a fifth, and so on, in a long chain. The means of accomplishing a transfer from one creditor to another is by endorsement or delivery.

The draft is then delivered to the new creditor. Endorsement transfers the rights of the endorser to the new holder and also creates a liability of the endorser for payment of the amount of the draft if the drawee does not meet payment when the draft becomes due. Upon due notice of dishonour, the holder of the draft may claim payment from any endorser whose signature appears on the instrument, and he definition of computer generation turn may claim from prior endorsers, from the drawee, and from the drawer.

The necessity of unifying the legal rules relating to negotiable instruments used in international trade has long been felt, and considerable success in this direction has been achieved.


A promise or order other than a check is not an instrument if, at the time it is issued or first comes into possession of a holder, it contains a conspicuous statement, however expressed, to the effect that the promise or order is not negotiable or is not an instrument governed by this Article.

An instrument is a "note" if it is a promise and is a "draft" if it is an order. If an instrument falls within the definition of both "note" and "draft," a person entitled to enforce the instrument may treat it as either.

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In YourDictionary. All rights reserved.There are several ronald dworkin essays such as job gradingjob classificationsjob rankingetc. Job evaluation forms the basis for salary and wage negotiations.

Recruitment strategy is the second step of the recruitment process, where a strategy is prepared for hiring the resources. After completing the preparation of job descriptions and job specifications, the next step is to decide which strategy to adopt for definition of recruitment the potential candidates for the organization. The development of a recruitment strategy is a long process, but having a right strategy is mandatory to attract the right candidates.

Searching is the process of recruitment where the resources are sourced depending upon the requirement of the job. After the recruitment strategy is done, the searching of candidates will be initialized.

Searching involves attracting the job seekers to the vacancies. The sources are broadly divided into two categories: Internal Sources and External Sources.

Screening starts after completion of the process of sourcing the candidates. Screening is the process of filtering the applications of the candidates for further selection process. Screening is an integral part of recruitment process that helps in removing unqualified or irrelevant candidates, which were received through sourcing. Reviewing is the first step of screening candidates.

Conducting telephonic or video interviews is the second step of screening candidates. In this process, after the resumes are screened, the candidates are contacted through phone or video by the hiring manager.

Recruitment: Meaning, Definition, Process and Factors influencing Recruitment

Evaluation and control is the last stage in the process of recruitment. In this process, the effectiveness and the validity of the process and methods are assessed. Recruitment is a costly process, hence it is important that the performance of the recruitment process is thoroughly evaluated.

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Recruitment: Meaning, Definition, Process and Factors influencing Recruitment

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Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search-ad free! Have some king cake on us. How to remember which is which Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? As a routine the formula for personnel recruitment would be simple i. Joseph J. If young managers are to definition of expository writing recruited then institutions imparting instructions in business administration will be the best source.

The goodwill and reputation of an organisation in the market may be one method. The publicity about the company being a professional employer may also assist in stimulating candidates to apply. There may be offers of attractive salaries, proper facilities for development, etc.

In order to select a best person, there is a need to attract more candidates. All enterprises, big or small, have to engage themselves in recruitment of persons. A number of factors influence this process. The number of persons to be recruited will depend upon the size of an enterprise.

A big enterprise requires more persons at regular intervals while a small undertaking employs only a few employees. A big business house will always be in touch with sources of supply and shall try to attract more and more persons for making a proper selection. It can afford to spend more amounts in locating prospective candidates. So the size of an enterprise will affect the process of recruitment. The employment conditions in an economy greatly affect recruitment process.

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