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Do aspiring marketers need to study formally, or is self-learning and and a good portfolio enough to make it as a digital marketer in ? While degrees were once a requirement for aspiring marketers, the digital era has made the world of digital marketing far more accessible to, well, just about anybody with an internet connection.

Many new marketing professionals have gotten their start without a university degree, and many seek innovative ways of self-learning using online education platforms, or good old trial and error. High-profile marketing expert Seth Godin has even gone so far as to create a short altMBA course for aspiring marketers and business leaders.

A recent study carried out by ClickMinded revealed that attending graduate school can be up to 10 times less profitable and 3 times slower than self-learning online. This philosophy is ideal because it enables the researcher to be distant and less influential on the outcomes of the research thereby facilitating reliability. This research study will utilize both deductive and inductive research approaches.

The deductive approach will be applicable given that the idea of marketing strategies of firms in the UK fashion industry such as Marks and Spencer will be examined and verified using data obtained from the study. The deductive approach will also be necessary to enable the study to follow particular sequences and stages before arriving at valid findings. Inductive approaches entail a paper on marketing process of paper on strategic marketing, analyzing, and refining data to provide future directions for further research.

This research will be undertaken in Westminster City, London and it will involve conducting interviews with a portion of employees, marketing managers, and customers at the main branch in Westminster. This region was selected because it is the headquarters of Marks and Spencer, and hence, a lot of information can be obtained from the selected participants.

Other information will be obtained from secondary sources such as the review of literature to obtain general information relating to the industry. Validity in this research proposal will be obtained by ensuring accuracy in measurement processes, assessment instruments, and ensuring the realization of stipulated objectives. Concerning reliability, measures will be taken to ensure that repeated assessment or measurement will yield the same results provided the same conditions will be maintained Blumberg, Cooper, and Schindler, Research items in this proposal are designed in a manner that the main research aim will be addressed through the formulation specific research questions are supported by the formulated objectives and hypotheses Yin, As such, all research items will be interrelated at one stage within the research process and they will all be critical addressing the aim of the study and providing answers to research objectives and questions.

As mentioned above, data reliability and validity will be some of the most significant aspects that will be allocated much priority in this research study. Realizing such objectives will involve the process of mixing different methods of data or data assessment methods in order to ascertain whether different results or viewpoints can be obtained from this study Simon and Vosseberg, Additionally, the study will involve mixing different data collection strategies given that marketing managers, customers, and employees of Marks and Spencer will be interviewed.

Majority of senior managers can only be reached through mail questionnaires. These factors calls for the adoption of a triangulation approach to facilitate the mixing of different research studies. For purposes of facilitating this research study, specific resources and research materials will be….

Fragrances are used as primary raw materials for air fresheners, soaps, cleaners, toiletries, and detergents while aroma chemicals form major compounds in fragrances. However, the concept of using both solar and wind energy to power up a car can be considered a new idea Howell, This innovation is expected to be a solution…. Introduction This is a feasibility study on the proposed Xanadu contract management system. This study aims to prove or disprove the financial prudence of creating and implementing the said system.

The proposed contract a paper on marketing system will be responsible for handling outsourced system development contracts. This feasibility study was commissioned by Sr. Vice president of the….

Sign in Remember me for two weeks. Login with facebook Forgot your password? Statement of the Problem The current fashion industry in the UK is characterized by intense competition and increased adoption of marketing strategies aimed at increasing the level of competition and creating sustainable advantage within the market.

Literature Review The research proposal aims to provide key insights concerning the strategies adopted by Mark and Thesis paper on marketing in circuit pays d essay its marketing strategies and growth potential in the UK retail industry in addition to examining specific strategies that have enabled the company to enjoy a dominating market share. By daniel brooks on time. Tips on a lengthy project and college essay writing college term paper for high quality college paper the stages of marketing research.

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The world keeps changing; and so does the profession; professionals in the area are also not left behind by the trend; they are always willing to adjust their process, approach and thinking.

Personally, I choose the career out of personal understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses; marketing is a course that require a mind that thinks outside the box as well as one who is guided by high integrity; a marketer is supposed to be observant and willing to learn every time; this is in line with my personal attributes.

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Affordable prices for marketing research papers.If you title a white paper "The Importance of Email Marketing," you will probably get all sorts of folks interested in email marketing. But if you're looking specifically for enterprise level prospects, you will want to fashion a title that is of unique interest to large companies, rather than mom and pops.

Paper on marketing

Let's face it, you will always get unqualified leads from white paper marketing. That's just the cost of business. White papers are usually offered at no cost, and everyone likes something for nothing. Many advertisers underutilize their white papers and do not get the maximum return on their investment in them. Resend an offer for that white paper every other month to the same list. Because if you're using paid placement ads in newsletters, you'll reach new subscribers who didn't see it the first time around.

Why I choose marketing as a career Research Paper

These new subscribers are referred to as "hotliners. Furthermore, there are other subscribers who may or may not have seen your white paper offer previously. In either scenario, they might be ready to act on your offer now, when they weren't before. Sometimes they need to see your offer a a paper on marketing times in a few places before they actually take action. That's true if it runs shortly after the first time, which is why I say wait a few weeks or months before running it again.

You can also change the subject line of the solo email message or the headline of the ad within the newsletter. The very name white paper can be a misnomer. It conjures up images of wonky research tomes. In the Internet marketing industry that is sometimes a plus, since our business is so numbers driven. But there are times when you want to gussy up the pages of your white paper to make it more digestible. Larger fonts, graphics and links are good additions in order to encourage the reader to read your white paper.

Remember too, many people still print out white papers.

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For other uses, see White paper disambiguation. Retrieved 16 March Whitepaper Source Publishing. Retrieved 27 June The Role of White Papers. In: Doern, G. The Structures of Policy-making in Canada. Toronto, MacMillan, Government Green Papers. Library World Aug. Thesis Ph. D - Carleton University. The Machinery of Government.

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If you have an email list of potential clients, existing clients, or anyone who may find your whitepaper relevant, consider sending the whitepaper out to them. Of course, if the purpose of your whitepaper is to generate new leads, then it may be paper on strategic marketing re-thinking what you want your existing leads to do with the whitepaper.

Instead of getting them to just download it, perhaps it would be more beneficial to send them to a landing page where they pay to download the whitepaper with a tweet or a share to unlock the whitepaper, to encourage some initial social sharing. There are a number of whitepaper syndication sites, such as Find WhitepapersTech RepublicTech Targetand Knowledge Stormwhich offer both free and pay-per-lead schemes for promoting your whitepapers.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with their whitepaper landing pages is asking for too much information. Keep it short and sweet. If all your really need is name, company, email, and phone number, leave it at that. Asking for too much information often lowers the overall conversion rate, reducing the number of leads you drive.

There are several whitepaper distribution services, such as BitPipewhich for a fee will distribute your whitepaper to a variety of whitepaper syndication services and repositories. Alternatively, you can always outsource this to a talented graphic designer - the cost of getting a nice cover designed will surely pay itself back in increased downloads.

The trick is to ensure that your presentation incentivises people to visit your landing page and download the full whitepaper. Similarly to hosting an event or meetup, running a related webinar and offering your whitepaper as related materials or a gift can be a good way of driving interest or downloads of your whitepaper.

The benefit of webinars over events is that it eliminates the geographic boundaries of your audience.

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